Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Welcome to the NFSA Web Site!

Welcome to the National Flying Squirrel Association!
The gathering place for everything pertaining to flying furballs and the people that are owned by them.

Congratulations to the winner of the NFSA Photo Contest for APRIL / MAY 2009!

You can order beautiful tile coasters of this and past winners at the NFSA CafePress Store.


You Know You Are Obsessed About Your Flyer When...

  • When asked how your babies are doing, you start talking about your flyers (Valerie Mayfield)
  • You get up at 2:30 in the morning to get more pictures of the wild flyers outside your window (Rein Ciarfella)
  • You're on a strict diet but the only menu you're obsessing over is your flyer's (Lora Hildreth)
  • You know you're obsessed about your flyer when you don't notice that she peed in your bra and then when you do you just walk around all evening with squirrel pee in your bra. (Bev Smith)
  • You often forget that your flyer is in you shirt(so he ends up going to your brother's soccer game with you) and you feel empty when he isn't!  (Chris Jac)
  • Your flyer has more clothes than you do (Anonymous)
  • You don't mind if he lives in your bookcase between your copies of We Hold these Truths and Odyssey.  (Diane Erdmann)
  • When your spouse wont hug you because your flyer is in your pocket. (Joe Eyman)
  • You have laid out your flyers nightly buffet by noon and you have NO IDEA what your family is having for dinner yet! (Laurie Pray)
  • Your freezer is full of nuts and seeds (more than your flyer can ever eat) and there is no room left for people food! (Wanda Angel)
  • Your children leave home and you don't notice for 2 weeks but you know within 2 minutes if your furball is missing! (Joan Barron)
  • At the grocery you stock up on tiny bits of fruits and vegetables and you forget to any for yourself and husband! (Bobbie Gallia)
  • The cart automatically heads down every isle that could have anything for your flier, all you really needed was milk and eggs! (Laurie Pray)
  • You refuse to attend your husbands family reunion because you can't bring your flyers, not sure if husbands family is worth it! (Darra Martin)
  • As the eye of the hurricane passes over, you run out to gather all of the fallen nuts, as the hurricane continues! (Mary Jane Little)
  • Photos of your flyers in your wallet are ahead of your grandchildren! (Darra Martin)
  • You go bra shopping for your flyer instead of your husband!  (Arien Grosskurth)
  • Your friends call you Squirrely and not because you are.  (Gladys Henderson)

Submit how you know you are obsessed with your flyer  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

By the way, is that your flyer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (Joe Eyman)


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